Jason Tours & LimOUSINE LLC

Premiere limousine service in Washington DC 

Steps Jason Tours & Limousine are using to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

* Require chauffeur and passenger(s) to wear a mask
* No drinks or candies available unless previously requested by client
* No passengers are allowed to sit next to chauffeur
* Chauffeur will spray, disinfect and wipe all touched items with wipes after each client.
* All vehicles are fogged at the end of the evening for sterilization
* Recommend larger vehicles for distancing in vehicles that aren’t family
* Hand sanitizer provided
* JTLS has told it’s chauffeurs to stay home if they feel sick

Questions Jason Tours & Limousine are subject to ask clients:
1.     Do you have a respiratory illness?
2.     Do you have a cough?
3.     Have you been around anyone tested positive for COVID-19
4.     Have you had COVID?
5.     Have you had a temperature in the last 24 hours?